NYLA Library Advocacy Day 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 is NYLA Library Advocacy Day in Albany. The goal of the New York Library Association's Library Advocacy Day is to show our legislative represetatives how much people care about libraries by packing the offices at every scheduled appointment. With 11 RCLS legislators to meet with, we need lots of people to come and show their support. Please join us!

Click here to view the bus flyer.  Click here to reserve a seat - Deadline extended through Thursday,
February 20
! Contact RLCS for a seat on the bus. 

Contact your elected official - Click Here   RCLS Area Legislators (PDF)

  1. Appointment Schedule with Legislators (PDF) Updated as of 11 a.m. 02-25-2014
  2. Concourse Level Map (PDF)
  3. RCLS Advocate Handouts with legislative talking points (PDF)
  4. NYLA 2014 Legislative Agenda - Talking Points (PDF)
  5. 2014 NYLA Budgetary Talking Points (PDF)  
  6. History of Library Aid 1998-2014 Chart (PDF)
  7. Chart School Aid Compared with Library Aid FY 2013-2014 (PDF)
  8. 2014 NYLA NON-Budgetary Talking Points (PDF)
  9. History of Library Aid 1998-2014 (PDF)

For those riding the bus, share your cell phone number with your bus captain as the legislators may change their meeting location at the last minute if they are in session.

Don't be afraid to speak up when meeting with your legislators! Make your cases heard. Libraries and library systems need full funding and they need it now!

Concourse Level Map - Wear comfortable walking shoes, as you will be doing a lot of walking, taking stairs, and using elevators to get to all the appointments.

Security Information - Please plan for airport-like security measures in place in the New York State Capitol, the Legislative Office Building and its surrounding buildings. Be prepared to pass through a metal detector and have your belongings go through an X-ray machine to enter. All adults (16+) must show a photo ID to enter - it is recommended that attendees carry a photo ID at all times. In addition, items that are sharp or may be construed as weapons are not allowed in any of the Empire State Plaza buildings. (Including "sticks" attached to Rally signs.)

Due to the security measures and the number of people expected in Albany on Advocacy Day, please leave yourself plenty of time to travel between Meeting Room 6 and meetings with legislators.

Thanks! to all our Donors for making the Bus Trip possible.

Driving Directions and Parking Information for those going on their own.