RCLS Managers' Presentations to Board

RCLS Managers’ Presentations to Board

Beginning with the May 20, 2013 Board meeting, each RCLS manager will share with the Trustees and audience the services and programs offered by her/his department. The following are the handouts from those presentations:

Administrative, Ruth K. Daubenspeck October 21, 2013

ANSER, Anthony Castaldo August 19, 2013

Business Office, Sephen P. Hoefer May 19, 2014

Delivery & Building Maintenance, Chuck Conklin April 21, 2014

Electronic Resources, Jerry Kuntz May 20, 2013

Interlibrary Loan / Technical Services, Linda Hendon June 16, 2014

Public Services and Outreach, Grace Riario June 17, 2013

Youth Services, Randall Enos February 18, 2014