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Chappaqua, Westchester County NY
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The mission of the Chappaqua Library is to be a center for community engagement and personal enrichment, providing users with a place where people and ideas meet to change lives.

Summary of Responsibilities

The Library Director is the chief operating officer of the library with ultimate administrative responsibility for implementing the Library Board directives, managing the staff, operations, financial performance, facilities, and patron experience. The Library Director reports to and is under the direction of the Library Board of Trustees who in turn represent the Chappaqua Central School District community.

Responsibilities to Patrons

Ensures that the library provides a quality collection and access to materials and a Theater that meet the needs of the public. Engages with the local community to develop programs and services to meet community needs. Supports a pleasant and professional library environment. Addresses and looks to resolve concerns expressed by the community. Ensure operations in line with the Long-Range Strategic Plan, including: regular community feedback, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives, and sustainability initiatives.

Responsibilities to Staff

Determines staffing requirements, recommends, and hires approved personnel. Works with Westchester County Civil Service to ensure that all hiring needs are expedited, and all necessary paperwork is timely filed. Creates and adheres to regularly scheduled meetings with Department Heads and all staff.

Supervises and oversees staff development and evaluations. Regularly supervises all delegated and assigned duties to staff. Communicates with Department Heads in proposing, updating, and executing library policies. Ensures that staff are properly trained. Provides recommendations for promotion, termination, and salary adjustments. Informs the Board of disciplinary actions. Administers wages and benefits in accordance with law and library policies approved by the Board.

Responsibilities to the Library Board

Prepares agendas with the Board President for Library Board meetings. Prepares and presents a Director’s Report for the monthly Board Meetings and quarterly reports on progress under the

Long-Range Strategic Plan. Ensures that all necessary materials are collected and posted for the monthly Board Meeting Packet together with post-meeting minutes and video; all by agreed due dates and in accordance with law. Implements approved Board motions, including timely website updates.

Participates on all Library Board committees. Attends meetings with Library standing committees as well as WLS and communicates relevant information to the Library Board. Establishes priorities and makes recommendations to the Library Board regarding Library operations. Assists in the orientation and education of Board Trustees. Maintains confidentiality of Board matters

Fiscal Responsibilities

Develops and recommends an annual budget and administers staffing and expenditures within budget constraints. Assists the Treasurer with the preparation of financial reports. Manages the fiscal calendar for financial reporting and audits. Oversees purchasing and contracts of the library. Supervise the bid process for RFPs and RFQs. Carries out responsibility for the care, custody, and control of all funds of the library, including the investment of funds in accordance with New York State statutes. Stays apprised of all financial matters of the library. Stay informed on potential funding sources and seek external funding as needed.

Facilities Responsibilities

Ensures that the physical facilities, grounds, and equipment are properly maintained, updated and safe for use. Evaluate and develop plans for the effective allocation and utilization of building space to meet the changing needs of the library. Negotiate contracts with vendors for necessary services and maintenance. Provide flexible and engaging spaces and furnishings. Ensure that the library’s technology meets the needs of the community and staff.

Public Relations Responsibilities

Keeps the community informed about Library services, resources, and programs using the library’s website, social media, and other forms of communication. Develops and maintains working relationships with the Chappaqua Central School District and Town of New Castle administrators and the Chamber of Commerce. Represents the library in community events: in some cases, weekend or after-hours participation will be necessary. Serves as liaison and representative for the library with press, professional, community, business, civic, and governmental groups, and organizations. Ensures favorable relationships with the library’s neighbors.

Professional Responsibilities

Presents and promotes a professional atmosphere both in and out of the library. Adheres to the agreed work schedule and ensures appropriate leadership while you are offsite. Represents the library through participation in professional library organizations to share information and develop and promote cooperation in the delivery of library services. Keeps abreast of current trends and new professional techniques in Library services. Maintain an effective working relationship with Friends of the Chappaqua Library.

Position Requirements

Candidates possess all necessary Certifications as required by the New York State Board of Regents. Knowledge of public library finance, applicable federal and state law, and current library technology. Excellent written and verbal communications skills.


$110,000.00 – 135,000.00

How to apply:

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your resumé with cover letter to

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